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This feature is useful for any situation but especially helpful when located in a state like California that restricts magazine capacity to 10 rounds. The AR-10 is one of the most accessible entries into the full-sized battle rifle platform. HERA CQR AR-15 Featureless Stock *CA Version* OD Green. Our passion is preserving the 2A in California, while staying legal. The reason for this is anyone’s guess.

In 1956, Eugene Stoner, a small arms inventor, working for ArmaLite corporation, designed the AR-10 as a new battle rifle for the US military meant to replace the iconic M1 Garand. Ledesma Arms AR15/10 Featureless California Compliant Kit (Stock Not Included) w. Like most decisions involving guns, it all boils down to personal preference and what your intentions for the firearm are.

Featureless Grip and Stock Options. What is featureless AR-15 with Monsterman grip? The main advantage over most other featureless options is ergonomics. The BRAVO STOCK is a fixed butt stock option that fits any mil-spec buffer tube assembly (not included). It provides you with an easy, non-permanent way to convert your 6-position AR stock to a fixed AR stock, simply by blocking off the rectangular portion on the underside of the buffer tube. Hera USA CQR Close Quarter Rifle DPMS LR-308 Gen 1 Featureless Fixed Stock Polym. · Where are featureless stocks and grips legally necessary for your AR-15.

What is AR 10? 0/10 (998 reviews). 308 Bundles (AR-10) FRS-15 Gen III AK-47 Bundles; FRS-15 GEN III SIG SAUER Bundles. 223 Bundles (AR-15) FRS-15 Gen III. thumbhole stock. "Featureless" (legal in 49 states) AR10 chambered in. What you are essentially getting with a Thordsen is a conventional rifle stock for your AR-15. Carbine Stocks; Featureless Stocks; Rifle Stocks; Stock Kits; Brand.

California Compliant featureless AR-15 with Monsterman grip If you do go with fin grip option, be sure to select a non-folding or non-telescoping stock. The FRS-15 Rifle Stock, as designed, fits at the pistol grip attachment point of any AR-10 (. Free shipping over 0 subtotal! No other featureless stock offers this functionality. · A thumbhole stock; A folding/telescoping stock; A grenade launcher or flare launcher; A flash hider/suppressor; A forward pistol grip; A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle with any one of those features and a detachable magazine is considered an “assault weapon” under California law and is illegal. · A featureless rifle (in California) is one that does not have any of the following: pistol grip.

We make featureless rifles better! California Legal AR15 Fixed Stock,This option will fix the collapsing stock into the Fixed Open position. Shop and Save Today! Highest Ranked Sporting Site on the Web. FRS-15 Gen ar 10 featureless stock III 5. B5 Systems SOPMOD AR-15 Polymer Stock with Quick Detach Mount MIL-SPEC.

Though the nuts and washers are also included, there are reports that they have to purchase a slightly longer mounting bolt since the standard bolts from Mossberg 500 stocks. Welcome to your headquarters for AR10s for sale. · To have a featureless rifle you must, well, remove the features!

Some of the features include: Replaces the buffer tube, end plate, and castle nut on an existing buffer tube assembly. Related Products. Quick View. Control and Ergonomics. Shop AR-15 stocks with cheek rest and ar-15 pistol grip accessories from top brands for sale at Low Prices. ar m4 stock locking pin .

56 FDE RIFLE with stock block. forward pistol grip. Our featureless rifle grip (combined with our ambi safety) gives you better control, is more comfortable, and looks great on a modern sporting AR-15. A featureless rifle allows the use of ar 10 featureless stock detachable magazines and lawfully owned standard-capacity magazines. Don&39;t forget about AR-15 stock parts and accessories, either! I have a little shoebox of. Because it’s called a stock by the manufacturer you should be ok.

Ledesma ar 10 featureless stock Arms Fixed Stock. 29 The Aim Sports M4 Stock Lock Pin is designed for featureless conversions of M4 and similar style buttstocks into the locked position without modification or marring of the existing components. This FRS-15 Stock from Thordsen Customs has been particularly made for AR-15 owners facing legal restrictions with their rifles in mind. Because it’s installed as a stock. AR Bravo "Featureless" Stock Kit This BRAVO STOCK KIT combines the stock with a pistol fin to give it featureless attributes. More Ar 10 Featureless Stock videos.

Click image for details. This allows you to legally double your on-board ammunition capacity. Shark Fin Grip.

Two variants of a featureless AR build. Luth-AR LR-308/AR-10 MBA-3 Stock Assembly Mil-Spec. We carry a full range of featureless AR15 stocks and magazines to help you build the AR15 you’ve been hoping for while aiding in compliance.

A good stock will keep you shooting longer and more comfortably with less soreness and fatigue. Let’s check out the OPTION ZERO stock that has storage for a 10 round magazine. What is the best AR 15 featureless grip? flash hider. From fixed stocks and adjustable stocks to collapsible stocks and even stock kits, we have every design and style you can think of. What is the best stock for an AR-15?

The AR-10 is a semi-automatic, full powered rifle designed for hunting and tactical applications. telescoping/folding stock. However, in NYS nothing is solid, because the law was passed and never administratively. For the CA market, this stock is considered featureless, and does not require a bullet button. At Omaha Outdoors we carry the very best in AR-10 rifles including the best LR-308 rifles money can buy. Available from Cordelia Gun Exchange.

It allows for a much more natural feel since your thumb can wrap around the grip of the firearm. AR FEATURELESS GRIP AIM SPORTS. " Choose platform, AR-15 or AR-10. HERA CQR AR-10 Featureless Stock *CA Version* Black. · 2. Strike Industries MegaFin. The design and manufacture of featureless grips, stocks, and muzzle devices to help California AR-15 and AK-47 owners.

The maker of the NYLAR stock explained this to me a few months ago. Let’s address each item and discuss the options. FRS-15 stocks are on over 80,000 rifles in America and just like our tens-of-thousands of satisfied customers, we believe it is the best featureless solution on the market. The kit includes:Magpul PRS Gen 3 Stock with buffer tube assembly and spring, complete assemblyMuzzle brake (choose nitrid.

The Thordsen FRS Stock is an ar 10 featureless stock incredibly popular choice for many California shooters. Make sure that your AR-15 fits just right with our massive ar 10 featureless stock selection of AR-15 stocks! Making your rifle a featureless and compliant firearm, the Juggernaut featureless grip offers comfort, safety, and accuracy while complying with the new California law, allowing operators to keep their other features including a regular magazine release. A*B Arms; Aimsports;. · Is the Hera featureless stock ny compliant I can’t find an answer anywhere’s. grenade or flare launcher. ar 10 featureless stock Customers also viewed.

AR-15 Stocks. This kit includes everything you need to make your AR rifle into "featureless. 5 Creedmoor Featureless Modern Sporting Rifles with Thordsen FRS Stock or Fin Pistol Grip legal and compliant for for New York and California. Hera Arms Model CQR AR-15 Featureless Stock Assembly. · A featureless rifle cannot have a pistol grip. Exile Machine Hammerhead Grip. BUILD A CALIFORNIA LEGAL AR15 WITH 80% ARMS!

You will find collapsible, fixed AR-10 308 Stocks, AR-15 A2 stock assembly kits, tactical stock conversion kits AR-15 grips, buffer tubes and springs from the best AR-15 furniture manufacturers. Out of Stock (1) Select Options. California legal Featureless FN SCAR 16S 5. A Collapsible stock; A Folding stock; A Forward pistol grip; Namely, the FN SCAR 16S below, featureless rifle that is legal in California. If you have become accustomed to shooting an AR-15 with features in the past, the grip and stock configuration will be the most drastic change ar 10 featureless stock when moving to a featureless rifle. This will only work with AR-15s. Strike Industries Simple AR Grip. 308 Winchester (can safely fire 7.

With that said. California-legal AR-15 rifles usually have a stock with extra material added to them so the pistol grip is joined to the stock (see the FN rifle at the top) or is extended enough to prevent the shooter from wrapping their thumb around it. Thordsen Stock. 458 SOCOM. · Survivor Systems Inc, based out of Southern California offers a Featureless AR stock system that allows the end user easy access to an extra ten round magazine.

Product Reviews Find Similar Products by Category. Get great deals on UTG PRO S3, S4, S5 AR-15 stocks, ATI AR-15 Strikeforce stock package kit. Our selection of featureless AR parts is designed to help build compliant rifles in states with restrictions. To sum up your options, you can run a standard 30-round magazine with a featureless rifle, or run a ar 10 featureless stock locked 10 round mag on a rifle with your favorite attachments. Moreover, some of the methods used to meet the requirements of a featureless rifle in. Thordsen Customs AR-15 FRS Stock. If you are living in an American state like New York, where the law limits you to a pistol grip on your AR-15, then this stock is one of your best solutions.

AR-15 Gen III Stock Kits. Our Low Price 4. The stock features a double injected rubber cheek rest. It&39;s a second generation (Gen2) -- and PSA is now up to the Gen3 PA-10 -- but it comes with an adjustable gas block, which is one of the major criticisms of previous generations.

The Strike Industries AR Stock Stop is quick to install, and inexpensive. 62x51mm), which Palmetto State Armory (PSA) calls the PA10. The FRS-15 was one of the first featureless stocks available and we hold the patent on applying the ergonomics of a rifle-style-grasp to an AR receiver. More items. · There are definitely other ways to make your AR-15 CA compliant, but this Exile Machine Headbutt saves AR-owners from buying an expensive featureless grip and buttstock. 308, on top of page, and will make all the necessary adjustments. 308) rifle, however the rear of the lower receiver where the buffer tube attaches is about 3/8" longer to accommodate the longer bolt carrier group.

300 Blackout. Many people will take an adjustable stock and permanently pin it while others prefer to just buy a fixed stock like the ones below. This is a top-tier stock system for any high quality AR-15 or AR-10 build. Regardless of which stock you choose, it’s sure to give you the support you need while firing. Side Charger. Dark Storm Industries DS-15 DS-10 AR-15 AR-10 Style 5.

Best AR-15 Featureless Grips. We carry all the top brands and styles of AR-15 stocks, so no matter what you shoot, you will find a stock to fit your needs. One of the first standalone featureless grips to hit the market was the Hammerhead. This is not compatible with AR-10s.

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